GloRilla Shows Off Her Tattoos Featured


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#&34;Tattoos really used to be like therapy to me.#&34; GloRilla breaks down her tattoos. From a red gorilla on her chest to the hand tattoo that made her pass out, the Memphis rapper shares the stories behind her ink.Director: Arielle Neblett Director of Photography: Zach Eisen Editor: Phil CeconiAssociate Producer: Chris Sechler Production Manager: Natasha Soto-Albors Production Coordinator: Jamal Colvin Talent Booker: Dana Mathews; Meredith Judkins Camera Operator: MarSound Mixer: Michael Guggino Production Assistant: Ziyne Abdo; Zayna Allen Post Production Supervisor: Rachael KnightPost Production Coordinator: Ian BryantSupervising Editor: Rob LombardiAssistant Editor: Andy MorellSpecial Thanks: Millennial Nails.

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